Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oooooo Owwww

So story time. Girl almost died tonight at practice. But let me back up a little. So we have these props, right, that are oversized piano benches. Well, they are placed end to end conveniently enough, and I had this "great" idea that someone should run across these props and do split leaps. Even better, lets go all Sound Of Music in the gazebo and have someone run in front of the benches and assist them. After the split leaps and glissade I had an EVEN BETTER idea that the girl should just surrender all fear and turn and fall backwards into the arms of two people. Well thats all well and good and fine and all until all communication STOPS. Cause when THAT happens, girl surrenders all fear to find she is falling into NOTHINGNESS! Well, being the good guard director that I am, I was sitting on one of the benches where her head was near to spot. So when she started to fall THINKING her friends were there to catch her, I was the only one prepared. So long story, not SO long, I threw my hands between her skull and the bench and saved her from lacerations to the head. She fell pretty hard, but luckily my hands were there. Sad part of the story, my hand between a hard wooden edge and someones hands makes for a bloody gash to the hands. Oooo Owww that hurt. :-(


  1. YIKES!! That made me nervous the whole time I read it. But I'm glad everyone is for the most part ok. Did your hand bruise? Did you need stiches? More importantly, can you still spin? LOL. Did you scream at the people that weren't there to catch her? I'm glad Ashton was to the rescue!

  2. hahaha...yes my hand is way bruised...and it got sliced open in two places...and three days later it is still swollen...oh but dont you DOUBT that I can still spin! :-)