Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life as I know it

Some days are okay...most days, really, I would characterize as just fine. But there are moments...awful, gut-wrenching moments, when I am consumed with missing him. I love him so strongly. When we were sixteen we broke up. I cried for years...not weeks, but yes, years. If I could count the number of nights I laid in bed crying over him, I would quickly recall it and share it with you so you could understand the magnitude of my feelings for him as a young teenage girl. I remember one night laying in my mom's bed after the break up, sobbing, telling her "I just love him so much. This hurts!". She just stroked my hair and said "I know". So strong were the feelings I had for him back then. And through the years...through all of our trials and obstacles, things that should have squelched that love into non-existence, I have managed to somehow love him even more. Something I thought impossible back then. So now, here I am. Back in my bed...crying over him again. Missing him everyday, praying the days fly by for his return. But now, my tears have hope because I know he will be back home soon. And I will be able to lay in his sweet, sweet arms in that very same bed I cried in so many nights. I am ready for that day.