Thursday, July 19, 2012

Army Wives

The title of my post is coincidentally (or maybe not so much) the title of my favorite television show. It is only recently that I feel I have become a true army wife. In the last month I have uprooted my life, given up my awesome job, left every bit of family and friends to move across the country for my husband (an army wife right of passage, I believe). It sounds like, and has been, a difficult step in our lives together... but God is great, and he rewards obedience. Since arriving in El Paso three weeks ago I have been blessed with a potential teaching job at a Christian school, a position teaching color guard, and friends who love Jesus. He is teaching me to trust in Him. If I will obey (i.e. move across the country and give up all my securities), he will take care of me. He didnt have to bless me with all of these things...BUT HE DID! And for that I say "PRAISE THE LORD". He is faithful and gives us infinitely more than we could imagine for ourselves.