Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ooo so so funny

Okay so I got this email yesterday from this professor I had a few semesters ago for Anthropology. He is young and sorta handsome, and you would think that would make him really interesting....OH BUT NO! He is one of the most sinfully boring teachers I have ever had.. So boring that his boringness was a source of insatiable laughter to my friends and I. SO! When I got this email from him yesterday, I just about pee'ed my pants at his apparent out rage at a TERRIBLE injustice that was done him. Here is what he wrote:

"Just writing to let all students know that the manager at the Arby's on Martha Berry between McDonald's and Waffle House is refusing to honor the Viking Discount Card".

HAHAHA! Okay maybe this isnt funny to you, but crap, I think its hilarious. He wrote an email to EVERY STUDENT, STAFF, AND FACULTY to let them know that he went to Arbys and they "REFUSED TO HONOR" his 10% discount. bah ha ha! Sorry this is funny, okay.

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