Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Excitement

I spent New Years Eve in a hotel room by myself in London wanting to die. I was in so much agony from ear pain and my swollen throat and lymph nodes that going out was NOT an option. After ringing in the New Year by watching footage on TV of the fireworks that were merely on the other side of town, I finally managed to fall asleep. Oh but not for long. I awoke at 4:30am in the worst pain of my life. My neck was so tender and sore, words cant even begin to describe. I am a strong person, with truthfully a high threshold for pain, but THIS, this feeling, was the worst, most debilitating sensation I have ever felt. Like fall-on the-floor-hands-in-the-air-cry-out-to-God pain. I didnt know what to do because it was after all only 5 in the morning. To my great luck, my roommate walked in the door and saw me on the floor of the bathroom sobbing in pain and called my choir director who was in charge of the trip. So, long story short they called a cab and drove me to the hospital where after hours of waiting the doctor said “Oooo, yeah you are REALLY inflammed…it is definitely a severe case of strep throat…Oh and you have a middle ear infection too”. The infection had spread up my neck into my lymph nodes and ear. SWELL! I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE paying almost $3000 to go to London for a week and then only getting to go out and sight see for TWO days. NOT! So yeah…my New Year’s Day was spent with an IV in my arm at the London Hospital getting fluids and antibiotics and trying my hardest to escape the wretched pain. Oh, but I lost 5lbs from not being able to eat all week. yay?

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  1. So, maybe I'm a creeper, but I enjoy reading your blog... so, HI! =P
    See you tomorrow =)