Wednesday, March 11, 2009

High Expectations

So...I have high expectations for men. Okay, not men. But my man...or the man that will be mine. There are things he must be...and truthfully, I cant compromise on them. I have guys all the time tell me how unrealistic I am...and not just any guys, but friends and even ex's I am quite close with. And sometimes I think they are right. Maybe I am asking too much of the male population. I mean, in truth, there are some things I used to think I wanted in a husband that I no longer find applicable or important...but that isnt because men failed to live up to my standards, but rather that I realized what was actually important and relevant.

Regardless of how I have changed, there are still things like a strong foundation in Christ and a willingness to be a leader in the relationship that I will always find non-negotiable. It's just so hard to find a guy who can step up and be those things. Finding someone who gets me-because it can be a little complex sometimes-and can make me laugh, and loves my family, and has a good heart is hard enough. But atop all of that, for them to have to meet these requirements that God has set before me, which I know full well will make for a stronger marriage, makes my job ALL the harder.

I am patient...a little restless...but patient waiting for him. I just need to stop hearing that he is fictional. A guy who loves the Lord, serves Him before me, gets me, loves me, and can care for me EXISTS. I know he does, so stop telling me he doesn't.

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