Thursday, February 12, 2009


Things that dont help my stressful state:

1. When I try to order jackets from a company for the Berry winterguard and the company doesnt get back to me. I send them the artwork, then dont hear from them for a week. I go in there and they are all "sorry" they neglected me....say they are gonna check on prices for me...then dont call me back for two weeks. I then proceed to have to call them everyday when they say they will CALL ME to make sure they are doing their jobs and getting my order processed.
2. When I order uniforms at the beginning of November for the Berry winterguard, and the school doesnt fill the invoice until a month later on Dec. 8th.
3. When the company that FINALLY gets their money in december tells me it will be "6-8 weeks" for production and 9 weeks later they inform me they are STILL behind because they are "understaffed and overbooked"...I am empathetic, I really am, BUT COME ON! They just called me to say they are overnighting them a few minutes ago. My girls were the ONLY ones last weekend without their uniforms...that makes me and more importantly THEM, look bad. UGHHH!
4. Listening to the Mozart Requiem. It is not solemn and is jolting, stressful, and chaotic. Fugues do NOT help a stressful situation.
5. When Musselwhite proceeds to give you a reality check about grad. school and how much you DONT know. I appreciate him so much for doing his job, but oh my gosh, I am already under so much pressure, and now this? He told me I need to prioritize school and winterguard. And I know my career is important, but...I dont want to stop marching! I am good at guard...way better than I am at music. And I like to do things I am good at. gah, now I have to analyze my life and priorities, and figure out what I want for myself in life.
6. When Musselwhite wants to give me experience in front of a choir and tells me he is going to purposefully be 5-10 minutes late tomorrow so I can warm the choir up. OH! okay! Thats not last minute!
7. When my sister is due to have my nephew at ANY MINUTE and I have winterguard rehearsal this weekend, which I really cant miss...but WILL if she has her baby. Which will then proceed to get me in a TON of trouble with my director. GAH!

Lord, I cant. I absolutely cant. Please, Father, help me. If I try to do this all by myself I will fail. I need you. I love you. Hear my cries!


  1. I agree - Mozart is not the best thing for calming down! Would it help if I warmed up the choir instead of you? lol anything to help you de-stress!

    God's timing always seems to not exactly line up with our timing. I totally understand you there! But you know, it's always things like that which make us stronger in our faith. so only good can come of this - I mean.. HELLO!?! Your sister is having a baby!!!!! Don't stress out! Your director should really understand that if you need to leave, then you need to leave! BE HAPPY not stressed! for real! and if you eve need something, you know I'm always a wall post, text, call, IM or a hop, skip and a jump away! haha...

  2. Like I know from an outsider view it might all seem really trivial...I see that. I see that it should be a happy time, and man I AM happy...I really am. But, it's just like...agh, I dont know. I am not in a right state of mind to try to write a lucid response. I just sound crazy...:-(

  3. alright, alright, i'll come to America to see you. I love you more than Korea and America put together.