Tuesday, February 10, 2009


...and I dont mean shady. I found myself in the mood to sketch the other day and dug out my long lost sketch pad. I remember the day I bought it at Target...I looked at the first drawing in it, which was hilariously of a super nintendo controller, and it was from 1999! I bought that thing a DECADE ago! Well...I hadn't sketched in it in 4 years, and so I decided, HEY! let's draw something! What did I choose? The first thing I could see! My guitar, of course. After I drew that I decided to draw something else, so I sketched the Clara archway. I do not claim to be any good...in fact I know I'm not, but it has always been something I enjoy doing. :-) And I kinda like loving something I am not good at.

I took a picture of my sketches with my phone...which I like to think does not do them justice

;-) haha!


  1. wow those are actually really good! totally impressive! too bad y'all didn't have more drawing cards tonight! haha don't criticize your drawings so much, you're much better than I could ever do! Oh and about my blog - thanks, Musselwhite told us on monday as we were walking out that Hwy 27 had a bunch of places out and the Wachovia ATM was out still that night, and thanks - it took me like 25 minutes, I guess it was fast lol and I REALLY hope I did well on the test but something tells me maybe not. lol

  2. haha...well thanks! And listen dont be too sad about Cranium...maybe if we have another game night you might win ;-) haha! Alright, alright enough smack talk.

  3. if i get another tattoo, which is unlikely, you can be my artist, instead of google images. I love you more than google.